It’s Your Mind, How Have You “Set” It?

I am currently reading “18 Minutes” by Peter Bregman. I discovered his writing through a Harvard Business review article, “How to Really Listen.” I felt this article had so much to offer me and the readers of Your Dental Edge, I asked permission to repost it on my site.

I think you, as I have, will find that 18 Minutes offers a unique perspective on side-stepping daily distractions, thus allowing you to move forward with your life’s true priorities, In fact, 18 Minutes can even help you better see what those priorities are, by offering ways to unclutter your mind, so your true priorities shine crystal clear.

Why am I spending so much time pitching Peter and his book? Because his writing has universal application for everyone, but it has special significance for small business owners (e.g. dental practitioners), as their daily schedules and minds are often full and carry lots of distractions.

While every chapter offers pearls of wisdom, I especially like his message in chapter 17 about personal failure and its relationship to our two main mind-sets (either fixed or growth-oriented).

Using the definition in the previous link, do you have a fixed or growth-oriented mind-set? Why? As it relates to your dental practice, how has your mind-set helped or hindered your practice’s growth? Better yet, how has it helped or hindered the differentiation and branding of your practice?

“Most of us spend tremendous effort

trying to avoid even the possibility of failure.”

Do you want to help your team grow? Give them opportunities above their abilities (stretch them). Do you want to grow? Set goals that don’t guarantee 100% success.

Open your ears and your mind will follow. Keep your mind open, with an uncluttered path, and you will be able to pursue your true priorities, as well as passions. You will fail along the way, but know that in failure, is your opportunity to develop your growth-oriented mind-set, as well as paths to unique personal and practice branding. And remember, mind-sets can be changed.

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