“Practical Product” / The Isolite i2 Isolation System


According to Isolite Systems, the makers of Isolite i2 Isolation System, its unique, patented mouthpiece creates a wide open and well-lit field. The i2 mouthpiece is "the heart of the Isolite system," says Isolite. Its "soft, flexible, non-impinging Isolite mouthpiece": Isolates maxillary and mandibular quadrants simultaneously Retracts and protects tongue and cheek Delivers bright, shadowless illumination throughout the oral cavity Continuously aspirates fluids and oral debris Obturates the throat to prevent inadvertent aspiration of material Isolite claims that procedure times are reduced by 20-50% when it's used, and that it provides better ergonomics and less repetitive stress than traditional dental equipment (often more … [Read more...]


“Practical Product” / V3 Sectional Matrix System


The V3 Sectional Matrix System has earned the first-ever "Practical Product" award from YourDentalEdge. But, this isn’t the first award for this system, it’s the 6th for this highly practical product (Dentistry Today 2010 Top 100; Dental Advisor 2010 & 2009 Top Sectional Matrix; Townie Choice Award 2009; and Reality’s Choice 5-Star 2009). According to TrioDent, the makers of the V3 Sectional Matrix System, it has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix system. The components included with the system (V3 Ring, V3 Tab-Matrices and Wave-Wedges) offer ideal contacts, which aid in the recreation of natural looking tooth anatomy. The V3 Ring doubles as a clamp and tooth separator, providing ideal contacts. The matrix … [Read more...]


Practical Products — Call for Entries.


As YourDentalEdge continues to grow, so will the content categories and information available within it. Our crack team of advisors, guest writers, and internet search gurus are hard at work on content development every day. One content category will be "Practical Products." So, dental practitioners, here's your chance to sound-off on the "practical products" you use and love. It doesn't matter what area of dentistry these products are for (clinical, software, marketing, cleaning, practice building, environment, front office, etc.) or who they're from (no company biases here!). The products just have to be something you feel could have a positive benefit to other dental practitioners, as they already have had for you. It's important … [Read more...]