Holistic Oral Care, A Quiet Health Care Revolution.

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Over the last few decades, a quiet revolution has been taking place in oral health care. The basis for this change has been a shift in thinking for both patients and practitioners. Both patients and practitioners are looking for more “natural” or “holistic” options for oral health care. Holistic oral health care emphasizes the health and wellness of the entire person, not just the health of the oral cavity. This type of oral health care is prevention-based, instead of placing the emphasis on treatment of disease. Holistic oral health care supports the total health of the patient, the practitioner, and the environment alike. Other names for holistic oral health care include “alternative” oral health care and “biological” … [Read more...]


It’s Your Mind, How Have You “Set” It?

I am currently reading "18 Minutes" by Peter Bregman. I discovered his writing through a Harvard Business review article, "How to Really Listen." I felt this article had so much to offer me and the readers of Your Dental Edge, I asked permission to repost it on my site. I think you, as I have, will find that 18 Minutes offers a unique perspective on side-stepping daily distractions, thus allowing you to move forward with your life's true priorities, In fact, 18 Minutes can even help you better see what those priorities are, by offering ways to unclutter your mind, so your true priorities shine crystal clear. Why am I spending so much time pitching Peter and his book? Because his writing has universal application for everyone, but it … [Read more...]


Glidepath to Success.

The molar root canal is probably one of the most challenging procedures in dentistry. Proper planning can help reduce the frustration many of us feel when a difficult case presents itself in our schedule. There is a twofold process when performing a root canal. First is the mental preparation needed to execute and secondly is the technical tools needed to prepare. Mental Preparation Before beginning any procedure, I perform what I like to call my “Kinra Kwik Glance.” This is simply a 30-second examination of the radiograph to mentally prepare myself for the challenges that lie ahead. I visualize the tooth from cusp tips to the apex. This short amount of time could save you tremendous time, effort and frustration during the procedure. … [Read more...]


Fifty Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level.

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Chris Brogan wrote and published this article in September 2008. I missed the original posting, but thanks to Dorie Clark's article, "How to Become a Thought Leader in Six Steps," I was introduced to Chris' writing and his social media vision. After reading and sharing his article via LinkedIn and Twitter, a number of readers quickly noted how relevant his 50 social media points still are today. Which further illustrates that even something that evolves on a daily basis, like social media, still can't succeed without building on a few time tested social media fundamentals (goals, brand, content, promotion, design, and business aspirations). I hope you enjoy Chris' article and use it to "take your blog to the next level," as I already … [Read more...]


How To Really Listen.

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One morning, my wife Eleanor woke up, turned over, and said, “I am not looking forward to this day.” I asked her why. What came out is that we were at the start of the Jewish high holy day season, which means colder weather and three weeks of big social meals, long religious services, broken routines, and children out of school. Eleanor didn’t grow up with these traditions, and they can be overwhelming. Now, I run a management consulting company; problem solving is what I do. So it didn’t take me long to jump in. “Cold weather means ski season is about to start,” I said. “You love skiing. And these holiday meals are fun and filled with people you love — they’ll make you feel better. And I’ll be with you; you … [Read more...]


Does Your Brand Speak Loud & Clear?

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A couple weeks ago I had my six-month check-up. Like many people I wasn’t looking forward to it—lying on my back for 50 minutes while the dental hygienist tsked-tsked me for not flossing enough. That wasn’t all. She told me I needed to slow down while brushing and not press so hard against my gums. In addition, I should consider braces. In the last few minutes of my visit the doctor came in, poked and prodded my teeth, and told me I had a filling that had chipped away. He directed me to return in a week. So, the next week I returned because that’s what he told me to do. But will I return for my next six months check up? I don’t know. He’s a nice enough guy and obviously competent but his non-descript office is littered … [Read more...]


Public Relations & Your Dental Practice.

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How we all long for good news! Does the media give it to us? No! The media feeds us a steady diet of the horrifying, the scandalous and the criminal. If there is a celebrity involved, then the story is made. Truth be told, this is what most people have an appetite for in the UK. We inherently want news of a personal nature to be good, but when it comes to world, national and regional events, we turn to the media for drama, sensation and the inane (it makes our lives seem a little better in comparison). Your Public Relations (PR) dilemma is that your info is competing with ALL of the news out there (the horrifying, scandalous, criminal, and feel good), to get your info run. PR specialists trying to raise the profile of a dental … [Read more...]


The Shaping Movement Wave of the Future


Since the beginning of endodontics, there have been numerous concepts, strategies, and techniques for preparing canals. Over the decades, a staggering array of files has been produced for negotiating and shaping canals. In spite of the brand name, number of instruments required, and the surprising number of techniques advocated, endodontic treatment has been typically approached with an optimism for probable success. Each new generation of files has advanced canal preparation methods through innovations in design, material, and movement. From the outset, all instruments used for negotiating and shaping canals were manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel, or related alloys. In 1988, Walia proposed Nitinol, a NiTi alloy, as it is … [Read more...]


Got Lower Back Pain? Most People Do, Especially Dentists!

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As a result of spending most of their day leaning over patients, lack of correct sitting posture, and core strength, it’s easy to understand why dentists (and chairside staff) have posture problems and chronic lower back pain. But take heart, you're not alone, lower back pain is among the top job related disabilities claimed in the United States. The problem, more often than not, is that the symptoms of chronic lower back pain are treated rather than the real problem itself. To truly understand this chronic pain, it's important to look above and below the lower back. Our body is a stack of joints, each joint provides either mobility or stability, in regard to overall body movement. When your joints are functioning properly, the … [Read more...]


Talk Like a Dentist — Dental Health Terms & Definitions

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Has a trip to your dentist's office ever left you scratching your head and saying to yourself, "what's a [insert confusing dental term here]?!" Well look no further, thanks to Dr. Elvern M. Tonn and WebMD, the ideal dental health term cheat sheet is always just a click away. And, it will have you talking like a dentist — or at least better understand what they're saying — in no time! Remember — the more you understand about your dental health care, the better the choices you'll make in regard to that care. abscess: an infection of a tooth, soft tissue, or bone. abutment: tooth or teeth on either side of a missing tooth that support a fixed or removable bridge. acrylic resin: the plastic widely used in dentistry. ADA … [Read more...]