About Caroline Holland

Caroline has worked in the dental world for 20 years, firstly as a reporter, then an editor and writer and now combines PR with writing work. She has worked with the British Orthodontic Society and today works for the British Lingual Orthodontic Society, the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers and several other clients. Her fascination for the dental world knows no bounds. www.carolineholland.eu


Public Relations & Your Dental Practice.

Good News Art F

How we all long for good news! Does the media give it to us? No! The media feeds us a steady diet of the horrifying, the scandalous and the criminal. If there is a celebrity involved, then the story is made. Truth be told, this is what most people have an appetite for in the UK. We inherently want news of a personal nature to be good, but when it comes to world, national and regional events, we turn to the media for drama, sensation and the inane (it makes our lives seem a little better in comparison). Your Public Relations (PR) dilemma is that your info is competing with ALL of the news out there (the horrifying, scandalous, criminal, and feel good), to get your info run. PR specialists trying to raise the profile of a dental … [Read more...]