Does Your Brand Speak Loud & Clear?

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A couple weeks ago I had my six-month check-up. Like many people I wasn’t looking forward to it—lying on my back for 50 minutes while the dental hygienist tsked-tsked me for not flossing enough. That wasn’t all. She told me I needed to slow down while brushing and not press so hard against my gums. In addition, I should consider braces. In the last few minutes of my visit the doctor came in, poked and prodded my teeth, and told me I had a filling that had chipped away. He directed me to return in a week. So, the next week I returned because that’s what he told me to do. But will I return for my next six months check up? I don’t know. He’s a nice enough guy and obviously competent but his non-descript office is littered … [Read more...]